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Enemy Movie Download in isaimini Arya, who was most recently seen on Teddy, finished his parts in his next film called Enemy. Coordinated by Anand Shankar, the film highlights Vishal as the legend and Arya as the enemy.

The boss accessed Twitter on April 23 to find out that Arya ended up going to the movie. He also found that he needed to get home before the night limit starts in Chennai.

Anand Shankar
S. Thaman


Arya has been participating in his upcoming film, Enemy, for a year now. On April 23, Chief Anand Shankar logged on to Twitter to find out that Arya just made the film. After the afternoon was over, Anand Shankar ran to his home before the evening check-in time began in Chennai.

When accessing Twitter, Anand Shankar stated: “And…. this is a WRAP for @arya_offl na. I enjoyed all of it. also, currently returning home before the #ENEMY (sic) time limit. “

Responding to your tweet, Arya stated, “It was a joy to work with you, brother. I appreciated your energy and style of recording … Vera’s level. wanting to work with you again soon (sic). “


On Arya’s last day in the Enemy’s arrangements, the artist won an unusual cake that had the artist’s initial banner as its fondant.

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Thanking his dear companion Vishal, Arya expressed: “Because of my Nanben #enemy @VishalKOfficial dear for an incredible film. I had the best time shooting. A big hug to our creator, brother @vinod_offl, for trusting us. @anandshank brother and @RDRajasekar sir cooperation is simple. currently waiting for @MusicThaman, dear

In the months since public authority allowed film groups to continue filming after the blockade triggered by COVID-19, some films have been shown across the country, with some teams, however, filming abroad.

One of those groups that recently returned to Chennai is Enemy, with Vishal and Arya leading the group. His boss, Anand Shankar, spent about 27 days in Dubai and ended much of the film.

“We came back about 5 to 6 days before. We will start our last schedule in Chennai and with these 10 days of filming, it will be a closure for us ”, begins Anand, who spent about 45 days in Dubai for the film. Vishal, Arya, Mamta Mohandas, Mirnalini Ravi and Karunakaran were among the cast present on the unknown calendar.

Is it true that he was not looking forward to traveling to another country with all the cast for filming? “In the beginning, I was. With the exception of Maldives and Dubai, the vast majority of different nations were not available to us.

So I didn’t know how useful it would be to shoot there or what the area would be like. Since we returned, traveling seems simple. Still, when we left, we needed to do a COVID-19 test here, land in Dubai, pass the exam again, isolate ourselves until the results arrive and then go on to the shoot.

In addition, we needed to take the exam before embarking on Dubai. And then, we try again when we get to Chennai. “

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“From time to time, individuals can test positive, regardless of whether they have any side effects. Likewise, there is a situation of showing a false positive. Regardless of whether the result of a test is positive, this can jeopardize your entire stay.

Before, we feared that the weather would wreak havoc, but now we fear a positive test! We are investing a lot of money in a film and it is significant that we are cautious. At the point where we filmed in Chennai and Hyderabad previously, we auditioned occasionally for everyone, and in the event someone was positive, they were removed from the set. Fortunately, no one tried positively during our Dubai plan, ”he says.

Speaking about his experience of spending almost 30 days in a country abroad, the boss says: “Dubai was inviting. In any case, each standard was followed strictly. As, for example, in case you are not wearing a veil, the fine is 60,000 in our money.

In case you are spotted externally when you should be isolated, the fine is about ’10 lakh, I think. However, there is a general conscience in society at large and they handle it appropriately. If the rules are firmly authorized, they can be followed. In the remote chance of being permissive, individuals generally break this. “

The welfare measures at the shooting location were also very severe, he says. “We had two COVID-19 organizers on the set with us; they were fundamentally doctors. They would have hygiene equipment with them, additional coverages and would report patterns of social separation in normal sections on the microphone. Sometimes we would examine scenes and out of nowhere, avanga anga vandhu splash adippanaga,

”He laughs, adding,“ We ​​are used to shooting many individuals at the scene. In any case, we are currently figuring out how to shoot with a restricted group. This is the new structure and we are adjusting to it. There, the number of people allowed on the site depended on size and ventilation.

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We shot with a skeletal group of 20 and even a team of 300, including artists and additional items! We filmed talkie divisions, groupings of significant activities on the main street, including a pursued bicycle and, in addition, music. “

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Did the group face any challenges during filming? “It was very difficult to maintain a friendly removal while shooting. In this sense, if we were recording a scene of affection, the animators would take it, take off the veil, hug each other, talk about their speeches, and the moment I said ‘cut’, they would have to move 2m apart anyway.

Furthermore, when the camera is not moving, everyone keeps a decent distance. As a rule, we would say ‘start, camera, activity’. In any case, nowadays, we are getting used to ‘taking, removing the veil, starting, camera, activity’! ”He closes.

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