Biya Movie Download in isaimini

Biya movie download in isaimini

Biya Movie Download in isaimini 5 college friends plan to go to the forest and make a documentary. Biya One of them is a woman from a forest near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border.

They plan to go there and make a documentary and go to the mysterious forest there.

Jubilrajan P Dev , Savanthika
Raj Gokul Das
Sajith Shankar
2 h 0 min

Those who entered the forest took five days to leave and sought out the police to find them. The police are afraid to go there, as they say that there is a ghost in that mysterious forest and whoever enters the forest will not leave alive.

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For this reason, they ask for help to those who have already entered this forest. He also agrees to go to the forest. Did he go to the forest and find the five? It’s not the rest of the film’s story.

The film’s director, Raj Gokul Das, plays the hero. Savandika as the heroine and another Jubilee hero Rajan, though newcomers, acted effectively. Those who come as friends have perfected the work given.

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Raj Gokul Das, the film’s director, put together the script for the film quickly. The way the villain is kept in suspense and shown at the climax is special. It is said that it is a ghost film, but not so scary is the negative of the film. The dubbing seems to watch a movie because Malayalam is spoken in several places in the film.

Biya movie download in isaimini

The songs in Sajid Shankar’s music are about variety. He added strength to the film through the background music. Tirupati R. Let’s enjoy Swami’s cinematography. Effectively handled, despite having many night shots.

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Overall ‘Biya’ is not afraid.


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